Sl Name of the Schools Formal Academic Programs Non-Formal Programs
Program Name Code
1. School of Education Master of Education (MEd) 02 Environmental Education (with SST)
Bachelor of Education (BEd) 59 Maternity and Child Care (with SST)
Certificate in Education (CEd) 01

School of Social Science, Humanities and Language (SSHL)

Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Social Science (MSS)    
Bachelor of Arts (BA) (2 Years) 23
Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) (2 Years) 23  
Bachelor of Arts (BA) (4 Years Honors)    
Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) (4 Years Honors)    
Bachelor of Law (LLB 4 Years Honors)
Bachelor of Law (LLB 2 Years)    
Bachelor of English Language Teaching (BELT) 22
Certificate in Arabic Language Proficiency (CALP) 21
Certificate in English Language Proficiency (CELP) 20
Certificate in Chinese Language Proficiency (CCLP)    
3. Open School Secondary School Certificate (SSC) 10 Basic Science
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) 11 Mathematics
Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 15
SSC & HSC for Army, Navy & Air Force (Niche)    

School of Business

Certificate in Management (CIM) 30
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 32
Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) 31
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 33
Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA) 71
Commonwealth Executive Master of Public Administration (CEMPA) 71
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program for 4-Year Business Graduates (Proposed)
Evening MBA 
5. School of Agriculture & Rural Development (SARD) Bachelor of Agricultural Education (B. Ag. Ed) 40 Seed Production Technology
Diploma in Youth in Development Work (DYDW) 43 Production of field Crops
Certificate in Livestock & Poultry (CLP) 42 Horticulture
Certificate in Pisciculture & Fish Processing (CPFP) 41 Plant Protection
Animal Science
Farm Machineries
Rural Development
6. School of Science and Technology (SST) B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering (4-Year Honors) Health and Nutrition
Diploma in Computer Science and Application Program (DCSA) Population Studies
B.Sc in Nursing (BSN)  
MPhil Program    
PhD Program